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The Duke Systems Group is made up of a number of faculty and students whose research focuses on a number of different areas such as operating systems, networking, distributed systems, architecture, and security. We often collaborate together on larger-scale projects that span multiple of these areas.

Recent News

  • December 15 2022
    mRPC will appear at NSDI'23. Congrats to Jingrong and Yongji!
  • October 24 2022
    Jellybean will appear at VLDB'23. Congrats to Yongji!
  • July 15 2022
    Husky will appear at NSDI'23. Congrats to Xinhao!
  • April 04 2022
    The Duke Systems Group will present 4 papers at NSDI this year: Collie, NetHint, cISP, and a measurement study on cable broadband networks. Congrats to Jingrong, Jiyao, Waqar, and Xinhao!